This article will highlight a few ways that can increase the average internet speed to fast speeds.

So you are reading this article to learn how to increase your internet speed? Isn’t it?


Internet speed test

The first thing to do is to test the existing speed. This will help to know an ISP is supplying an average internet speed or a full internet speed as it should be. Internet test speed can be done using online speed testing tools. After testing it now becomes easier to know the current speed and the normal speed that should be. Remember Internet Service Providers sometimes advertise huge speeds which may never be the case when someone starts using their services. Contact the service provider to know exactly the speed that their services offer.


However, the distance can also be a reason you are getting average internet speed instead of full internet speed. If that is the reason, moving closer to the ISP is another solution to the problem.

It doesn’t matter where you are, but having a fast and reliable internet speed is a crucial thing in day to day activities. Slow speed and weak connectivity can be frustrating and can be expensive. Read below to know how to increase internet speed and take full advantage of the performance of your web-connected machines.


  1. Scan your device for viruses

Viruses can make you get an average internet speed or even fail to get the internet at all. So it is good to ensure that no virus itself is behind the slowing down of the internet speeds. Viruses tend to live on a machine and use all the resources thus bringing down internet speeds. It is good to have a regular full system scan to wipe out viruses that can cause slow internet speeds.


  1. Switch off your router or modem for some few hours and switch on again

Sometimes the internet speeds could be slow as a result of overheating of the processor inside the router. A simple reset can drastically boost your internet speed. Turn off the router and wait for a few minutes or few hours and then turn it on again to see whether you will experience some changes in the speeds.

  1. Test a different router or modem

Sometimes old routers and modems can slow down internet speeds. Your router/modem could be bad. If you have a spare router, try to use it to test the speed. Do you get the same speed as you could get from your old router? If not, then it is good to consider buying a new router. As things change, routers are also updated to accommodate new technology, so maybe your old router does not have the latest components, therefore, changing it can increase your internet speeds.

  1. Switch your Wi-Fi channel

If one channel is being used by many people in your block, there are more chances that the internet speed will be slow. There are programs that can be used to scan for channels. Once you find out that you are using the same channels with everyone on the block, it is good to change the Wi-Fi channel so that you get better results.

  1. Place your router away from any external interference

Today, many people have an iPhone, iPad and other electronic devices. These devices can interfere with your internet speeds. Therefore, it is good to check whether these devices are causing electromagnetic hindrance. Try placing these things out of your modem area.

  1. Secure your network

Are you working with a wireless network that is not protected with a password? You are exposing to other users and also making your Wi-Fi to be used by anyone on your block. This means that it is easier for people to steal your bandwidth and thus slowing down your download speed. Ensure that your wireless network is well secured, particularly in crowded apartments.

  1. Clean up your device

Sometimes, there could be tons of applications on your device that could be utilizing the internet without your knowledge. Windows updates, Skype, open active website tabs among other activities can eat away at your internet speed. To increase your internet speed, try to stop services that you don’t need as well as any bandwidth-heavy streaming services that you are not using.




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