Buying a tech gadget is not as easy as many people think. Just like buying any other gadget, research coupled with a little planning can help you land the best deal ever and more so save money.

With the advancement in technology, shopping has been made easier. The internet has become a marketplace where you can buy what you want at the comfort of your home. You can buy your favorite furniture, your desired car, your dream home. Buying a tech gadget is also easier on the internet nowadays.

Currently, there is a rise in the number of online stores that are coming up every day on the web. The common know online stores are Amazon and eBay. It is good to note that although some of these online stores are genuine, some are scammers. Buyers are advised to ensure they have enough and right information about the online store they are thinking of buying their items.

This post will highlight some of the important considerations when buying your tech gadget online.

1.   Know how to detect scammers

As many buyers adopt buying items online, more scammers are also finding ways to win them. A friend of mine saw a very good digital camera online and he was willing to buy it. Little did he know that the same camera had been sold to another person online but he did not get the item since it was just a scam. Thankfully, to one of a Facebook group where he belonged since he shared the information and he was shocked to learn that many people in the group had fallen victims of the scam. This helped him a lot. When you decide to buy a tech gadget online, ensure the online store is a genuine one. In fact, it is advisable to shop from well-known and recognized online stores. The online marketplace is full of sellers and this call for one to be careful since not all sellers guarantee genuine items. To, sure enough, buy it from a source which guarantees that the item comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Company warranty

Manufacturer of company warranty is another important thing that you must not overlook when buying your tech gadget online. Tech gadgets such as phones have two types of warranties on online marketplaces which is the Seller Warranty and the Manufacturer Warranty.

Seller warranty implies that the warrant is not from the item manufacturer but from the seller of the item. This type of warranty means that every time you incur a difficulty with your item, you have to contact the dealer or seller of the item. This type of warranty comes with imported items that are sold at a throwaway price or sometimes are smuggled items. It is good to avoid such type of warranty.

Manufacturer warranty or company warranty means that the items come with a warranty from the maker or manufacturer and you can obtain help directly from the item manufacturer.

3. The reputation of the online store

Many online stores are coming up every day and some are luring buyers with cheap items. When buying your tech gadget online, you should ensure you buy from a trusted and reputed store. Amazon and eBay are good and reputed stores you can anything and have a surety of authentic products.

4. Actual model number/name

When you try to shop online, you will be shocked to find that you can come across a product that is being sold with the same model number and name but funny enough you may find that the model number is twisted or the name, sometimes a figure is added or subtracted from the model number or a character is added or subtracted from the name of the item.

If you are planning to buy your tech gadget online and you don’t know the right model number or name, you are in for a shock. However, you can avoid being scammed by visiting the manufacturer website of the product you want to buy so that you get to know the model number or number name correctly. It is always better to find out the product number and name from the product manufacturer official website.


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