Problems Which Cause Slow Internet

Do you check internet speed every now and then?

There are numerous causes of slow Internet although there is still a lot of controversy among internet users who believe their ISPs have cheated them. However, if someone finds that without having to check internet speed, things don’t work well, it is time to take action. Sometimes it is good to upgrade the internet service, although before it reaches this point of upgrading, spending some time to check some of the equipment one uses or software can solve the menace.

This article is for you. A slow internet can frustrate you, it can cost you productivity, it can consume your time you could put to more productive use. Maybe you are reading this article because you have a doubt that your internet connection is really as fast as your service provider promised.

In all the cases that might be causing a slow internet, it can cost you nothing to identify the most common causes of slower than normal internet and find a solution.

Read below to find out if the following causes could be affecting your internet speed.

  1. Wireless obstruction

Before you check internet speed, you need to understand that some of the everyday appliances can negatively impact your internet connection. Appliances like microwaves, cordless phones as well as other networks could obstruct the quality of the internet speed. Therefore, it is good to place routers away from other electrical gadgets to avoid getting poor connectivity, although most regularly, internet connection speed is affected by types of Internet access, issues within your computer.

  1. What about your hardware?

It is common for people to use routers that are old enough. Note that, like any other equipment, a router also ages making it difficult to correspond to the speed that is given by an Internet service provider. As the router’s processor starts to overheat, internet speeds become slower. However, a user can notice this by after switching off the router for some few hours and turning it on again. In some cases, routers can start failing without any other signs but consistent slow speed. In this case, a user can call their ISP for a new router to replace the malfunctioning one. You can also try to check internet speed on a spare router or even get new network hardware.

  1. Shared Internet is likely to be slow

Sometimes a slow connectivity can be as a result of sharing internet and is not one’s fault, maybe a neighbor’s fault. Today, most homeowners, offices, and businesses use shared bandwidth.  Maybe the same cables which come into your room also go to every other room on the house and then all the way to the Internet service provider’s office where they join with the cables from everyone in your community. This is a trick that is used by most ISPs today. Since the ISP knows that not all the connected users will use all their available bandwidth at the same time or even some will not use their bandwidth at all. If you find out this is what the ISP does, you have no other option but to switch the ISP immediately.

  1. Computer viruses

Is your computer sick?

Many computers today are infected with viruses which make it a big problem even if you check internet speed, you won’t be able to know what is causing a slower connectivity. It is possible for a computer user to get their computer infected with viruses especially from day to day transfer of files or even when browsing the web.

If a computer is infected by a virus that virus is almost certainly on the Internet right now doing something unlawful and wicked and maybe it’s doing it using the user’s limited Internet bandwidth.

To find out if a computer is infected with a virus, a user must install an antimalware or antivirus software and run a complete system scan. Note that, the scan might take a while. If a virus is found, it’s time to follow the instructions to do away with it. If there is no virus found, then the slow internet could be caused by something else.



These could be the main causes of a slow internet although there are other factors. However, it is good to check all the factors before deciding to take the next step





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