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Why Check Internet Speed? – 6 Ways to Troubleshoot a Slow Internet Connection


Why Check Internet Speed Always? Find Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

Time to go an extra mile after you find yourself obliged to check internet speed every now and then.

Many a time, a dragging internet connection can be an alarm telling you to play outside. However, when you have to check internet speed regularly, spending some few minutes to go through this article can solve the issue.

  1. Check your plan

When it comes to internet matters, everything is done in terms of a plan. For lower plans, then the internet is also slow. It is good for someone to check their plan because that can also be a problem why people will always check internet speed. A user can check on their internet service provider’s website to find out what plan they have. Once someone has known the plan subscribed, it can be easier to check internet speed again and see if the numbers match up to the plan being paid for. If the plan is paid for is slow, it is good to upgrade the plan.

  1. Wi-Fi hitches

Another way to find out whether it is the internet connection or the device itself that is having issues or the Wi-Fi signal is to connect the device using an Ethernet cable.

If the speed remains the same, it will mean that it’s not Wi-Fi issues. One can proceed ahead with the troubleshooting. Remember, most home routers can only serve 4 or 5 machines at any given time before the performance begins to deteriorate. The devices can often include

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Smartphones

If the performance improves when these additional devices are disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, it is high time to consider a high-end router.

It is good to note that Radio obstruction from additional devices can cause a hitch on the Wi-Fi signals thus slowing down the internet connection. Another common reason for slow internet connection is the wall of the house. Solid walls can really bog down your connection speed.

  1. Hardware troubleshooting can help solve the problem

Before it reaches the extent of cursing the internet service provider, it is good to check the modem or router. Performing a quick reset by switching off and on again of the router or modem can help to figure out where the problem is. What about the other devices in the house? Is the internet slow in all the computers in the house? If the problem happens in only one computer, the issue is that computer, not the router or modem.  No need to check internet speed; deal with that computer to solve the problem.


  1. Opt for a new DNS server

Once a user types an address into a web browser, let’s say like myinternetspeed.com, a computer utilizes what is known as DNS to look up and translate that into a computer-readable IP address. Many a time the servers the computer utilizes to check up the information may be having problems or may have some faults. It is good to research guides that can help find the fastest and most secure DNS server for additional information. If the default DNS servers aren’t having issues, then you undoubtedly won’t find too much of an improvement with an alternative server—but it might improve your browsing a little bit.

  1. Adjust your browser for slow connection

Figuring out what is causing a slow internet connection can be frustrating and can eat a user’s time and at the same time, one needs to browse the web. Sometimes one can be at a coffee shop or on a plane, chances are, it can be had to do anything about the slow internet connection. At this point, the only solution is to optimize the browser for a slower connection. Browse using mobile or HTML versions of your desired sites. Deactivating images and browsing using Opera Turbo can also work.


In fact, it is recommended setting up a secondary browser on a laptop for just such a situation. It can really make a difference when working on a slow connection is the only option available.

  1. Talk to the internet service provider

The reason why you pay an internet service provider for their service is not to check internet speed always. It is to get the services paid for. After going through all the above steps, and there are no improvements with the speed, it is good to call the internet service provider. This can help to know if the problem is on their end. If the hitches are originating from their end, see how you can solve with them. If they still not able to solve, consider changing the ISP.




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