Many users think that the only way to create beautiful animations is by using free animation software. However, there are numerous sites that can also achieve this.

Gone are days when creating animations used to cost you money, when animation was left to the expert who could create a brief 30 –second video. But today, technology has changed things completely. Creating animation used to be a complicated task, but it has been simplified and has been made enjoyable by use of the available free animation makers on the internet.

The question remains how to decide the free animation software to use and the way a user can tell which software will meet his requirements. This article will highlight a list of free sites that can help you create your own animations the same way you can do with free animation software.

1. GoAnimate

If you are looking for ways how to create a movie, GoAnimate is your animation site. This site provides complete customization to extensively utilize your creativity. GoAnimate is an easy-to-use site which can be mastered without the need to have real animation or technical expertise.

This site lets animators choose between a fully customization and a library of pre-configured objects. In addition, animators can decide to select a character or create a fully customized one, users can also select a soundtrack or add a new one, and they can let the PC speak the dialogue or record their voices.

2. Moovly

Moovly is an online video maker which is wholly cloud-based. It is an excellent and almost-free tool with sophisticated features. Unlike free animation software, this one doesn’t need users to download any software. Users only need to have a functional browser and an internet connection to get started on creating animations immediately. Moovly offers a 30 day complete included free trial license. You sign up at no cost and immediately start working on your animated video, it’s that simple.

3. Animaker

Animaker is also a free version that lets users make as many short videos up to minutes as possible. The only issues with this free version are that export of videos is limited to 5 per month although users can create animations in a competent manner. With this animation maker, you can select already-made presentation template and add text to every slide. The free version of Animaker allows you access sound effects, music, characters, charts, and animated maps which you can use when creating your animations. If you are looking for an ideal animation maker to create animated video, Animaker can make the best choice.

4. PowToon

This is also another animation maker that to some extent resembles Moovly but this tool provides diverse licenses, such as a partial free license, a Pro and Corporate license. PowToon’s unpaid and particle version is designed with a watermark. In addition, when you create an animated video using PowToon, the file size cannot exceed 100MB. The only difference between PowToon’s utilities and other video animation makers is that it offers an opportunity to select between Presentation type and Animation type.  Although PowToon’s charged packages are costly, if you are a small business owner, you still have an opportunity to use the free version of in-house presentations, PDFs, and teamwork.

5. Voki

This animation maker does not let users create many stories; however, you can create a lively speaking avatar. The animations you can create using Voki are particularly focused on education. This animation maker works different from other video animation makers listed above in that, you don’t create an animated video from scratch, it lets users create customized avatars and include voice-overs.

6. Video

Like free animation software, this platform is also an easy-to-use video maker platform out there. The video is an incredible content animation tool with a well-suited emphasis on commerce. It allows users to access a range of already-animated templates which are beautifully made. However, this platform has a drawback in that is lets users create short free animations that go up to 30 seconds. If you want to create to create something more than 30 seconds using Video, you will be required to upgrade to a paid license.

The list is not comprehensive; however, the listed platforms are incredibly useful. If you decide not to use free animation software, you can go the online way and create your graceful video animations. You will realize that with free animation software, you are allowed to animate images more than when you use these free sites.


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